The company


since 1996

We have always been involved in the bicycle sector, and in 1996 we created DENVER. Born from the passion for this world of the two brothers Michele and Giuseppe Beraudo, in over 25 years of activity, we have established ourselves in this sector becoming one of the largest producers in Europe. Our bicycle lines, from the design studio to their production and assembling, all come to life in our factory in Dronero – Cuneo.


Our history

Always passionate about the bicycle sector, the brothers Michele and Giuseppe Beraudo set to work to create a local reality of excellence that could export, even abroad, their know-how and the quality of their products. In 1996, DENVER srl was born.

From that moment on, our company has always aimed to return to its customers products and lines of excellence that respond to the different needs and requests of each one. Precisely for this reason, as early as 2000, we at DENVER introduced e-bikes to large-scale distribution, an innovative drive that made us pioneers in the electric bike sector.

Based on the growth of our company, and of our sector, we have also remodeled our structure. This is how our internal study and design departments were born, so to be able to provide customers with ad hoc projects based on their requests and guidelines. And, in the same way and for the same reason, we made sure that the production and assembling, as well as the painting department and the wheel assembling department, were all internal for greater and faster flexibility, speed and quality control.

In 2021, the private investment fund Trilantic Europe decided to invest in our company, thus giving a further boost to the growth of DENVER and the expansion of its activities.

the company

In numbers

In over 25 years of DENVER’s activity, our company, our factory, our capacity and our production lines have grown a lot, leading to results and numbers that today make our reality one of the leading ones in Europe in the bicycle sector.

sqm. of production plant

bikes produced in 2021

bikes produced per day


The departments

As our company grew, at DENVER we worked to ensure that all design and production departments were internal, to respond better, and faster, to the specific needs of our customers. Find out how our departments work:

Research and Development

The research and development department is internal to DENVER and is the place where ad hoc and tailor-made projects are carried out to respond accurately, quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers. It is, in fact, our sector dedicated to translating the needs and requests expressed by our customers into lines and products specifically designed and tailored to specific cases.


The painting department is also internal. In this way, we also deal directly with the painting of parts for the bicycles of our production. This is our business division that returns an average of 3,000 painted pieces per day.

Assembling lines

In DENVER we have several active production and assembling lines. These are divided into those dedicated to e-bikes, muscle bikes and children‘s bikes. In 2021, these lines have allowed us to internally produce a daily average of 4,000 bikes per day .

Wheel assembling

Our wheel assembling department, which is also internal, is the DENVER department which produces an average of 9,000 wheels per day for our bicycles. A production that reaches approximately 1,600,000 wheels per year.

Our commitment

Environmental, Social, Governance

At DENVER, since the foundation of the company, we have constantly renewed our environmental commitment to mobility and sustainable production. We are committed from a social point of view, with specific initiatives. And we always maintain very high production standards.

Our service of

After Sales Assistance

For us at DENVER, the sale of a bicycle does not end with its purchase. For this reason, we have created a network of organizations dedicated to assisting our customers after the purchase of our products. Our aim is to always verify directly that our high standards are respected.
Contact us to learn about our after-sales service network in Europe.


Dronero, CN – Italy

DENVER is located in the industrial area of Dronero, a town a few kilometers from Cuneo. This is the headquarters of both our offices and our production plant, where we receive the public by appointment.

  • Via Primo Maggio, 32 | 12025 Dronero (CN) | Italy
  • +39 0171 911383