Environmental, Social, Governance


Our commitment

At DENVER, we produce bicycles, a product that in itself promotes the idea of sustainable mobility. To do so, we work responsibly both from a social and an environmental point of view. Environmental sustainability and social commitment are values we have always believed in, since our foundation in 1996, and we are transparent about our approach. Our commitment in this sense is, in fact, the purest expression of our values and what we believe in, as a company and as an organization.



DENVER’s commitment from an environmental point of view develops in two directions. On the one hand, the one related to the type of products we have always dealt with, on the other hand, the way in which we carry out our production.

We have been producing bicycles since 1996. It is an environmentally friendly means of transport that allows us to directly promote sustainable urban and non-urban mobility, providing people with the tools to make it possible. Our commitment, however, does not end here.

Our attention to the environment is also strong as regards the power supply for our production lines. In fact, in 2011 we installed two photovoltaic systems of 120 kW each, for a total of 1,400 m².



As a company and organization, we firmly believe it is very important to pay great attention to issues and social sustainability. This is why we are very attentive to all those realities that, like us, work and believe in projects with this type of purpose.

This is why, for several years now, we have been collaborating with the San Paolo Social Cooperative, which has long been committed to giving a concrete and structured response to some situations of social, physical and psychological distress in the San Paolo district of Cuneo.

Thanks to their laboratory, the working members are also involved in the assembling of bicycle wheels, coaster brake hubs, children’s bicycles and the preparation of bicycle parts for their assembly.



In DENVER we believe it is of fundamental importance to maintain very high production standards, just as we believe it is crucial to operate with transparency and in full compliance with current regulations.

For this reason, all our bicycles are tested and approved by recognized European laboratories, in compliance with the laws of the European Community, according to the following regulations:


Mechanical – Electrical part:
> EN15194: 2017
> Machinery directive 2006/42 / CE

> NF R30-050-1: 2018

Muscle bike

> Muscle bike ISO4210: 2018

Children bike 10 "-12% 22

Mechanical part:
> EN71-1

Product flammability:
> EN71-2

Chemical analysis:
> EN71-3

Children bike 14 "-16% 22

Mechanical part:
> ISO8098

We also have all the certifications necessary to comply with industry standards. In addition, we are also part of all the major trade associations including EMBA, ANCMA and Confindustria Cuneo.