The milestone of 10 million bicycles produced was reached in Denver

15 Feb 2022Denver

From 1996 to today, in Denver we have worked to ensure that our products, all our bicycles, were the result not only of our passion, but also of our continuous research and development work in this field.

This is why we are very proud to announce that, 25 years after the birth of our company, we have reached an important milestone for our production. Today, we have reached 10,000,000 bicycles produced.

Muscle bikes, e-bikes, children’s bikes

There are many types of bikes we produce and, today, all together they have made us reach this important result. A number that, for us in Denver, is more than a number. It is the result of all the years of hard work and commitment, as well as an important reminder of what we want to continue doing in our future too!